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Enable product images in sales management system

Source: Author: dyysys888 2024-03-27 0
This article introduces how to enable the product picture function in the Shopspeed multi-language sales management system.

Log in to the management terminal of the multi-language sales management system, click the menu [System] [Preferences], click the "

Data settings" tab, check "Pictures" and click Save. As shown below:

Open [Basic][Goods] to create or modify a product:

Click [Load] to import the JPG image. If your computer is equipped with a camera, you can also use [Take Photo] to call the camera to take a picture, and then [Save].

If the front-end retail needs to display pictures, it is also necessary to enable the picture display function. Open the menu [Retail] [Sales Center Options]

In the [Display Options] tab, check [Displa pictures] and save.

When scanning a product barcode with a picture on the front retail terminal, the product picture will be displayed in the lower right corner:

The display effect in touch screen mode is as follows:

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