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If you purchase our software products from our company, we will wholeheartedly provide you with thoughtful after-sales service, including:

Telephone consultation:
        If you encounter technical issues or unclear features related to the product during use, you can call our after-sales hotline for consultation.

Online consultation:
        For more convenient communication, you can also contact us through after-sales technology QQ and WeChat, and we can provide online one-on-one explanation and training services.

Remote operation:
        For complex operations that cannot be solved through phone or online communication, we can provide remote operation services, including remote installation of cash register software, remote installation of databases, remote training, remote configuration software, etc., except for operating system issues.

Service period:
        From the date of purchase, users can enjoy one year of free after-sales services, including telephone WeChat consultation, remote installation training, and will provide paid remote services after more than one year.

        Kind reminder:
If you purchased our software through a service provider, your after-sales service will be provided by the service provider. Please communicate with the service provider for specific service content and duration. For customers who purchase software from service providers, if they need our assistance, we can still provide paid after-sales service.