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  • How to purchase software authorization?

    You can contact the salesperson on the contact us page of our website, pay and purchase through WeChat, Alipay, bank transfer and other payment methods, or use Taobao guaranteed transaction to purchase.

  • How many computers can a set of software be installed?

    One set of software can only be installed on one computer. For example, if there are three Cash register, you need to purchase three sets of software.

  • How long can software licensing last? Do I need to pay an annual fee?

    Software licensing is lifelong and has no annual fee. After a one-time payment purchase, it is available for life.

  • Is the authorization method for software a registration code or an encryption lock?

    The authorization method for the PC end is encryption lock, while the authorization method for the mobile end, tablet end, PDA end, price checking machine end, and mini program end is registration code.

  • Can the software be connected to multiple computers for use?

    Yes. The Supermarket Edition, Clothing Edition, and Catering Edition all support data sharing through multiple terminals connected to a single machine, LAN, and Internet, as well as supporting local databases and cloud server databases.

  • What if the encryption lock is broken or lost?

    If it is a quality issue within one year, it will be replaced for free. Otherwise, a replacement fee of 200 yuan will need to be paid. If it is lost, it will need to be purchased at the original price.

  • After sales issues

    The hardware is subject to the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, usually one year warranty, and the print head and other vulnerable items are 3 months; the cashier software provides free after-sales service within one year from the date of purchase, please refer to the service content for details.