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Fresh store cash register system solution

Source: dyySys Author: dyy 2023-08-02 0
Fresh food stores have fast inventory turnover and difficult packaging. Using the multilingual sales management system S12 and barcode scales, cashier scales, and communication scales can effectively solve various weighing and cashier problems.

industry characteristics

Inventory turnover is fast, generally one day

Packaging is difficult

prone to loss

Various promotional plans

Requires a strong bond from customers

Concentration of customer spending time


——Application Sales Management System S12

Member Management

Powerful membership management, supports multiple membership card media, and supports membership points and card value storage.

Diversified preferential methods, support member price, discount, preset discount price, discount on discount, point redemption.

Member consumption analysis, you can query member consumption records and recharge records.

store delivery

Support transfer from headquarters to branch and transfer from branch to branch. You can transfer directly, and the inventory can be directly transferred to the destination store. You can also use the combination of warehouse transfer and warehouse receipt to reduce inventory when transferring and increase inventory after receiving.

Inventory dismantling

For example, 100KG white striped pig is divided into 30KG pork belly, 30KG ribs, 30KG tenderloin, 2KG pig head, and 8KG others.

electronic scale

Support barcode electronic scales, real-time serial port pricing scales, and commonly used brand electronic scales on the market, such as Mettler Toledo, Top Aclas, DIGI, Daha Scale, YouSheng, RONGTA.

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