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8-inch supermarket price checker C8A


The C8 price checker can be applied to self-service scanning places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, price inquiries, and member information inquiries. It is an Android system that supports touch screen, wireless WIFI, and speakers.

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What is a Price Checker ?

It is a machine that supermarket put near the shelves so that clients can scan the item and it will shown them the price.

Powerful Performance

C10 is a 10 inch Capacitive Touch Screen price checker, a modern
device running under Android or windows. Metal material With high
quality barcode scanner, it can realize quick and accurate reading.
Owing to th e resolution 1024*768P, it can be used as a pos monitor that display advertisement and promotional campaigns. And,this price
checker can be connected to the LAN Network using the ethernet
Functionality, the way of using, performance, and full
configurability of this price checker provide retailers with high
speed,reliability and efficiency, makes it an effective solution for
both customers and the store.


Professional equipment management, wall mounted design can be used for checking commodity price and self service payment.